Curated links: Week 23

Another week of persuasion marketing links. A full summary for your convencience. Do you have some links to add? Please add them in the comments, send them in the contact form or participate on Twitter or Google+.


Now…who’s the winner? A real life example of a high conversion strategy for retailers.

An overview of the basics for loyalty.

Persuade with customer reviews.

From Persuasion and Passion to Action. What matters are results.

Customer Loyalty and Advocacy: What Can We Learn From Jonathan Ive and Zappos?

Behavioral biases. Quite a list of them, actually.

Daniel Kahneman on the Trap of ‘Thinking That We Know’

The title is Real-Time Interaction Management. But it’s only a list.

Reflections on what influence actually is.

Solis about the 5 pillars of social media strategy.

Homophily makes you choose…the same. Really.

Review of Peppers and Rogers’ book: Extreme Trust.

Series of 3 articles worth reading. Conversion and visitors.

The Game Mechanics of Customer Loyalty.

Customer experience shapes loyalty, not price.

Mary Meeker Re-Imagines Nearly Everything (again).

Morality and design; what is persuading you and how far do you go? (video)


That’s it for this week! Let me know when you have more links through Twitter or Google+ or add your comments under here!