Curated links: week 21

An often exciting weekly list of discovered or discussed links in the domain of persuasion marketing. You can receive them real time when you follow us on Twitter. Please let us know when you have new links we should include here!


Sympathetic story about a spoiled child and a great company.

Are less choices more persuasive? HBR provides an answer.

Enterprise loyalty, 3 principles.

When persuasion doesn’t work: JCPenny’s pricing strategy is not clear.

Not updated frequently, but an interesting newsfeed

Does your company spend more time on tracking financials, or more on tracking customers? Veteran Reichheld speaks again.

Testing persuasive strategies; necessary, but it can lead to dead ends...

Persuasion Marketing Tips by Susan Bratton

Chinwag sheets about the Psychology of Online Influence

A golden oldie (2007) in persuasion marketing

List of ‘must use’ design words: how would we score in persuasion marketing?

The Behavioral Targeting Blog has put pro’s and con’s in a list.

Contagious ideas can be persuasive. Or not?

NY start up Brouha (what’s in a name?) uses RFID to measure behavior.

LA Times found Cialdini’s book persuasive enough to write about it


That’s it for this week! Let me know when you have more links or add your comments under here!

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